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Shooting Jackets and Coats

Shooting Jackets and Coats

Our range of men's and ladies' shooting jackets encompasses a variety of styles, materials and performance characteristics offering coats to suit all UK shooting disciplines.

Whether you need to dress to impress at formal estate shoots with an elegant tweed coat, or if you're in need of something far more camouflaged and technical for walked-up shooting or grouse shooting, our collection has it all. Pair with the perfect shooting vest, breeks and shirt to complete the look.

As well as the Farlows collection itself, you'll also find outstanding performance jackets from Laksen, Schoffel, Seeland, Swazi and Harkila.

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Which Shooting Jacket Do I Need?

Choosing a jacket with the right style, fit, features and performance characteristics for your type of shooting is an important decision. Not only must traditions and etiquette be respected and ahered to in terms of styling, but you must also choose a jacket which offers practicality and weather protection in the field.

We offer a hand-picked collection on men's shooting jackets and ladies' shooting jackets for you to choose from. If you're unsure on your exact requirements, give our team a call on 0207 484 1000 and we'll be happy to help.

Tweed Shooting Jackets and Coats

As the most traditional material, a tweed shooting jacket which forms part of a matching outfit, is not only beautiful to look at but also offers excellent performance. Tweed is an incredibly durable fabric designed to provide many years of wear. It's rugged, naturally resistant to wind and water and has excellent insulating properties too. As such, tweed shooting clothing is ideal for the autumn and winter months of the season. Many modern tweed coats which are designed to be worn as the outer layer feature a secondary degree of waterproofing, either through liners within the fabric or performance membranes such as GORE-TEX. Our range of tweed jackets includes everything from sharply-cut formal shooting jackets to performance all-weather fieldcoats. 

Waterproof Shooting Jackets and Coats

Whilst tweed offers a degree of natural weather protection, some shooting jackets are constructed with a fully waterproof outer layer more akin to a regular raincoat. These jackets are highly versatile, and you may find yourself using the same one for pheasant shooting, deer stalking and regular country wear. If you're looking for a lightweight shooting jacket that packs down small, a waterproof option would be a great choice. As they don't offer the wearer as much natural insulation as tweed, this style of jacket is great for year-round use, just layer-up underneath accordingly. 

Deer Stalking / Hunting Jackets and Coats

The requirements of the deer stalker are often very different to those of the game shooter and our range includes a number of pieces with that in mind. How 'noisy' a fabric is can be an important consideration, as can weight, features and the level of weather proofing. It's fair to say that deer stalkers spend a lot more time crawling on the ground than game shooters do, and in our range you'll find supremely tough fabrics which will take everything you throw at them. You'll also find lightweight pieces in our deer stalking clothing collection which offer comfort over a long day of walking the hill which will also roll down easily into a backpack.