Shooting Clothing and Accessories

Our ranges of shooting clothing, equipment and accessories allow you to indulge your passion for fieldsports to the full and we carry all you need to look the part while staying warm, dry and comfortable whatever the weather.

Exquisite tailoring sits at the heart of the Farlows collection, with exclusive fabrics that boast outstanding durability, robust performance and weather resistance. Conforming to the etiquette of British game shooting, they perform exactly how modern fieldwear should.

Across the whole portfolio of clothes and accessories offered at Farlows, from hunting clothing to accessories for the UK game season fitness for purpose is at the top of our priorities, we will not let a client leave with anything they cannot trust to perform in the field.

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Our collection features the best fabric technology, craftsmanship and attention to detail creating outstanding shooting jackets that will deliver year after year of faithful service in the field.

Shooting Sticks and Seats

A long day in the countryside will be made easier with one of our quality seat sticks, seats or canes.

Shooting Boots and Wellingtons

A long day in the field is tough on your feet, so treat them to the luxury of a fine pair of boots or wellingtons from Farlows.


The design of Laksens' new shooting glasses accommodates all scenarios. Whether you wear them on the shooting range, as a part of a tweed dressed game shoot, dressed formal or casually, they are fit for all purposes.

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