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Guide to Choosing Wellingtons & Outdoor Footwear

Guide to Choosing Wellingtons & Outdoor FootwearGuide to Choosing Wellingtons & Outdoor Footwear

Many people underestimate the technological advances that have evolved over the years to the humble wellington boot. Surely a welly is just a welly? Well, not quite! Today you do not have to endure cold, hot, sweaty and un-supporting or uncomfortable footwear when out in the field. Here at Farlows, our designated boot room aims to cater for all weather conditions and terrain by stocking the best brands available.

Whether you’re going shooting, stalking, fishing or perhaps looking for footwear for winter dog walks or pottering in the garden, our boot room comprises of beautifully curated ranges from all the best brands of footwear, including wellingtons and walking boots.

Le ChameauLe Chameau

Le Chameau

Le Chameau has been manufacturing wellington boots since 1927. They are renowned for their quality (every boot is fully handmade), linings and fabrics and, of course, their ‘vert green’ colour which has become increasingly more popular over recent years. One of their most popular boots is rather unique in that it is manufactured with a leather lining which vastly improves comfort and longevity. Le Chameau boots have long been a favourite in the countryside, whether out shooting or fishing, riding or walking the dog. They are made from the highest quality natural products and use the latest technology to ensure comfort and reliability.



With over 150 years’ experience in manufacturing boots, Aigle have the skills and knowledge to produce some of the best boots on the market. Their boots are handmade in their factory in France. Aigle staff are trained for two years to learn the crucial sixty-step process of making an Aigle boot. Each boot is then leak tested prior to leaving the factory. Even considering the craftsmanship and sustainable rubber that goes into making a pair of Aigle boots, they remain competitively priced and a worthwhile investment.



Meindl have been producing boots since 1683, so you could say they have a fair share of experience. Their boots are all handcrafted in Bavaria, Germany and the team produce over an astonishing 1 million pairs of boots each year! Using only the finest materials, Meindl is truly at the top of their game for walking, shooting and stalking boots. Our range features some of their key products that are suited for these purposes.



The Irish city of Galway has been the home of Dubarry for 75 years. A traditional Irish brand, Dubarry has a rich heritage which it uses to create a range of products, including its famous leather boots. Dubarry was one of the first footwear brands to make a completely waterproof leather boot, bridging the gap between practicality and style.

Wellington Boot OptionsWellington Boot Options

Wellington Boot Options

The Wellington boot market has developed so much over the last 10 years. Improvements are led by improved technologies, linings and soles. This is all good news, but it can be very confusing when faced with so many different options to keep your feet dry.

Neoprene Lined Wellingtons

This is probably better known for being used to make wetsuits due to its fantastic insulating properties. The neoprene lining ensures that none of the wearers body heat is released from the boot and is the perfect choice of boot lining for very cold weather conditions or for those with poor circulation.

Leather Lined Wellingtons

A leather lining inside a boot ensures the highest levels of comfort. The excellent insulation qualities, mixed with its ability to absorb perspiration and stop the feet from overheating makes leather lined boots perfect for all four seasons.

Cotton Lined Wellingtons 

A boot with a cotton lining is great for all seasons. The lining will keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer by acclimatising to the variations in temperature, although these insulating properties are boosted with leather or neoprene linings.

GORE-TEX® Lined Wellingtons

Boots with a GORE-TEX® membrane are guaranteed to be completely waterproof. Even though no water can enter through the leather from outside, the membrane allows the passage of moisture vapour away from the inside of the boot. This will always keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Other Wellington Boot Features

Side Adjuster: Boots that have a side adjuster often give you a little extra room to adjust the fit around the calf. This helps to aid the wellington boot on or off and also allows for a snugger fit around the calf, in turn allowing for a sturdier boot.

Full side zip: A zip down the outside of the boot allows for a far greater fit around the ankle and calf. With the Le Chameau Chasseur boots in either leather or neoprene there are many size options available that allow you to select a foot size and calf size. This means you can buy the size that is perfectly suited to your foot size, calf size and shape. This ensures a snug fit around the ankle and the calf which eliminates any extra room in the wellington, giving far greater support when tackling some more challenging terrain. The zip also makes it incredibly easy to get the boot on and off. The zip is fully waterproof and there is a layer of rubber behind it also for extra protection.

Walking Boot OptionsWalking Boot Options

Walking Boot Options

We stock a curated range of walking boots from Meindl. Listed below are each option and a brief description of the benefits for each choice.

Meindl Dovre Extreme: These boots are the most rugged of the three options we stock. With the extended ankle support high up the calf, they offer some serious comfort and support whilst walking over rough terrain. With a rigid sole these boots are extremely tough, yet flexibility of the upper allows for considerable comfort and freedom of movement whilst wearing the boots. The height of this boot is also a big benefit in wet weather or whilst walking through long grass or through streams.

Meindl Dovre: These boots are the ‘Extremes’ younger brother. With the same sole, last and upper they offer much of the same performance benefits. The lower ankle however gives slightly less support up the calf, which in many cases is preferred with a little more freedom of movement.

Meindl Bhutan: The Bhutan is a fantastic option, available in both mens and ladies options. With a rigid sole, rubber rand and leather uppers this is a slimmed down version of the Dovre. It is on a slightly narrower last, which needs to be thought about when selecting the correct boot for you.

Meindl Peru: The Peru is a lighter weight leather boot. A superb option for walking across all seasons, this boot can also be worn shooting, however, lacks in support in comparison to the above options for some of rougher terrain often found on grouse moors, some more challenging shooting ground and stalking.

Finding the Right Boots for You

Wellington boots and walking boots are worn for all sorts of activities, and we have a large selection to choose from. With the above information we hope this gives you an insight into the different options that are available, and a chance to whittle your selection down.

All our boots are available online through our website however, we would always recommend taking a trip into our Farlows store located on Pall Mall, London to try your size on. Boots can differ in size and shape between brands, so it’s important to try on a selection of sizes to ensure the fit it exactly right. This will lead to many happy and comfortable days out in the countryside!

There is much to choose from – please do not hesitate to contact Farlows if you would like advice on any of the products mentioned in this article please call 0207 484 1000 or email info@farlows.co.uk.