Shooting Tipping


At the end of the day the keeper will give a brace of birds to each Gun and this is the chance for the Gun to express his thanks both verbally and with a tip. The tip is usually related to both the quality and the quantity of the sport, as a general rule of thumb £20 is the basic amount (for around 100 birds) and then £10 for every 100 birds shot on top of this. If asked, the Shoot Captain will be pleased to give guidance on the amount.

 Licenses & Insurance:

There are a few licenses and permits which you must have to enable you to shoot with us in England and Wales.

Gun Permits:

Anyone wishing to visit our estates to shoot, must either have a British Shotgun Permit (if a UK resident) or a Visitor Shotgun Permit (if from oversees) and be accompanied by an estate loader if you have had less than five days shooting experience.


It is essential that you have Personal Liability Insurance to a minimum of £5 million cover. Farlows recommend that this is obtained through The Countryside Alliance. Insurance is an integral part of their membership and annual subscription costs just £45.