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Neil Patterson & Friends in Patagonia

Neil Patterson & Friends in Patagonia
Posted in: Trout Fishing
Hi Neil, its me again your neighbour, arquitect by profession and occasional (experienced) angler by passion.

Late this afternoon I went again to my short stretch of only 64 meters of river bank, just to enjoy the sunset and to wet the fly in the current, no big expectations regarding fishing, the big rainbow who showed herself in my waters was caught today............. what else could I expect for such stretch of coast.

I started on the deck and after changing some nymphs and small streamers I considered there would be no sport for the sunset, so I decided to walk alonside the bank, some cast here, another there, just to cover the waters, the drift lanes, and to enjoy the end of the day watching the landscape.

Crossing the point where the actually dry, spring creek meets the river, I decide to stop and made a final fly change, tying a black stonefly nymph, dressed the way famous american tyer Polly Rosborough did his patterns: ugly and hairy, as ugliest and hairiest as possible.

It was a quater to nine, the sun down behind de Andes; I distinguished the drift lane passing alongside a sunk tree (one that used to be up in my coast when I bought the land), and I placed the nymph in the lane, let it drift and ................ WOW !!!!! a big rainbow left her hiding place down the sunken log, rose up and took the fly with violence, made two jumps splashing the water followed by a tremendous run upstream ............. I quoted her in the 2.5 to 3 kilos in weight; she decided to go down, staying deep into the pool.

The Sage was unable to manage such a tremendous fish, she was really strong, she did all she wanted to; she was wisely stuck in the deep, I managed to move and she did again, upstream, I followed her walking over the rocks until she decided to stop and change the strategy, now running downstream directly to the logs: I knew it was the end, she was unstoppable, neither the old Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag nor the new Sage Rod could not do anything, the trout cut the 5X tippet under the logs, the nymph could still stay in her mouth.

End of story, the big rainbow won the battle.

I am still thinking about the fish, thanks to your kind present, I have the chance to meet this season in just only 64 meters of riverbank at the Carrileufu, wondering if anglers who have the chance to float it entirely really know what is possible to be found in the underwater, the huge trouts they pass by while floating, making chance casts, instead of walking, making fine presentations.

Hope you could believe my humble story Neil, you know we anglers are famous because of our lies; btw I never lie concerning fishing, I really never need to lie, so Neil, when back in London, just do me a favour: go to Farlows, see your friend dealer and give him my regards and acknoledgements for his selection of such fine rod, but please make him know big rainbows at the Carrileufu are really unstoppable !!!!!!! Even for such a fine # 5 Sage, I guess a # 6 outfit  and a 3x tippet would be the necessary outfit to stop this fish.

And of course, I will go for her tomorrow late in the afternoon, he,he

2012-11-29 11:19:13
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