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Shooting Preparation


Much of shooting relies on preparation. Forgotten waterproofs or even a gun left at home in the cabinet can ruin a day in the field. It is therefore important to be prepared well in advance, construct a check list that you can refer to each time that you leave to go shooting. If in doubt start at the bottom of your body and think your way through to your head.

Assuming that you are already wearing:

Socks and garters, plus twos, a shirt and tie. You will need:


  • Shoes for meeting in the hosts house before the day and to save the pub carpet at lunch.
  • Boots or walking boots depending on how wet the ground is. These should be clean before the day.


  • Waterproof trousers are an essential and should be taken even if the forecast is fine.
  • Also thermal leggings can be worn as a base layer under plus twos and socks when it is cold.


  • There are several options of what to wear on your upper body largely depending on the weather conditions and personal preferences:
  • A v-neck jumper, gillet fleece or a shooting vest over a shirt and tie should be sufficient on a warm, dry day at the beginning of the season or as a base layer under a jacket later in the season. 
  • A thermal vest can also be worn under your shirt when it is very cold.
  • The Jacket is possibly the most important piece of equipment that you will own. A good one will last you for years and you will undoubtedly become attached to it. It really is an item worth spending some money on and is something that we at Farlows can expertly advise you on.


There are many different shooting accessories but the basics you will need for a day’s shooting in addition to those already listed are:

Shooting Preparation