Herbert Miner Pro Grade Saddle Cape

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This line of Herbert Miner Pro Grade Saddle Capes offer an exceptional quality range of natural duns, browns, creams and badger colours which are perfect for tying both modern dry flies and traditional patterns.

Colours Available: Black, Coachman Brown, Cream, Furnace, Golden Badger, Grizzly Variant, Medium Brown Dun, Medium Grey Dun and Ginger

  • The cape feathers are suitable for fly sizes from 8 all the way down to 20, and the saddle feathers are suited for size 10 to 14.
  • For fly tyers who demand the very highest quality for natural looking flies, Hebert Miner™ will not disappoint.
Colour Price
Black 83.99
Coachman Brown 83.99
Golden Badger 83.99
Cream 83.99
Furnace 83.99
Grizzly 83.99
Brown 83.99
Ginger 83.99
Grey 83.99

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