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Hearing Protection for Shooting Guide

hearing protection guide
No matter the type or amount of shooting that you do, hearing protection is essential.  Sustained exposure to gunshots can cause a range of hearing problems from hearing loss to irreversible tinnitus.

At Farlows we stock a range of devices to protect your hearing, from standard in-ear plugs to electronic ear defenders that amplify the sound of your quarry breaking cover, whilst automatically reducing impulse noises such as gunshots to a safe level.

Napier Comfy Foam Ear Plugs

The most comfortable in-ear foam plug on the market today, providing a basic but inexpensive method of protecting your hearing.

Pro 9 Noise Cancelling Hearing Protector.

These lightweight, low-profile ear defenders work by using sound-chamber technology, which defends the ears from loud damaging sounds (gunshots) but allows them to hear normal sounds, such as the human voice. The lightweight unit is barely noticeable when worn and because the soft ear cuffs seal at the ear but are not inserted into the ear canal, they are vastly more comfortable than other in-ear plugs and can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort.
    • The unit is remarkably light at just 40 grams.
    • Can be folded and carried in a shirt pocket.
    • The Pro 9 is also supplied complete with 2 extra sets of replacement ear cuffs.
    • Provides 32 Decibels of noise reduction
Ear Defenders.

British Manufactured, these are the slimmest folding passive hearing protection available. Extremely comfortable to wear and will keep your ears warm on the coldest of days.  The padded headband is made from rustproof stainless steel and soft ear cushions ensure a noise-proof seal around the ear.
  • Provides 24 Decibles of noise reduction
  • Folds down to pocket size for ease of carrying and storage.
Deben Electronic Ear Defenders.

Deben's slim electronic hearing protection blocks out loud and harmful noise whilst amplifying quieter sounds using dual microphones fitted in each cup. This allows the user to hear the direction of approaching game from a greater distance.

Unique low profile 'microphone filters' reduce annoying wind noise to very low levels, whilst the New electronic circuitry ensures an even greater dynamic noise compression and extended battery life to over 300 hrs.
  • Provides 23 Decibels of noise reduction.
  • Noise amplification gives benefit to wearers with impaired hearing.
2012-09-26 12:12:11
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