Fulling Mill World Class V2 Fluorocarbon Tippet

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The new updated Fulling Mill World Class V2 fluorocarbon is a real work horse for your tackle bag.  Favoured by many competition anglers for its knot strength and abrasion resistance.
Sizes Available: 50m and 100m 

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The new updated Fulling Mill Worldclass V2 fluorocarbon is a real work horse for your tackle bag. Fulling Mill have taken the original Worldclass line formulation (sourced from Japan) and brought it into the 21st century. Tough, durable and exceptional value.

  • 100% Fluorocarbon, it's slightly denser than water helping the line to sink below the surface where it is almost invisible.
  • Outstanding knot strength, excellent behaviour, exceptional abrasion resistance.
Length Breaking Strain Weight g/oz/lbs Diameter mm / in Price
50m/54.7yds 8lb 1X 8lb 0.26mm/0.01in 7.45
50m/54.7yds 7lb 1.5X 7lb 0.24mm/0.009in 7.45
100m/109.4yds 7lb 1.5X 7lb 0.24mm/0.009in 11.95
50m/54.7yds 6lb 2X 6lb 0.22mm/0.009in 7.45
100m/109.4yds 6lb 2X 6lb 0.22mm/0.009in 11.95
50m/54.7yds 5lb 3X 5lb 0.2mm/0.008in 6.45
100m/109.4yds 5lb 3X 5lb 0.2mm/0.008in 10.45
50m/54.7yds 4lb 4X 4lb 0.18mm/0.007in 6.45
100m/109.4yds 4lb 4X 4lb 0.18mm/0.007in 10.45
50m/54.7yds 3lb 5X 3lb 0.16mm/0.006in 6.45
100m/109.4yds 3lb 5X 3lb 0.16mm/0.006in 10.45
50m/54.7yds 15lb 02X 15lb 0.35mm/0.014in 9.95
100m/109.4yds 15lb 02X 15lb 0.35mm/0.014in 16.45
50m/54.7yds 12lb 01X 12lb 0.3mm/0.012in 9.95
100m/109.4yds 12lb 01X 12lb 0.3mm/0.012in 16.45
50m/54.7yds 10lb 0X 10lb 0.28mm/0.011in 9.95
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