Sage Igniter Single Handed Fly Rod

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Product Description

When the going gets tough, you need a rod that’s up to the task and the IGNITER is designed to cope with the most challenging of conditions. Its fast taper delivers long, accurate casts with great loop control in head winds, or with bulky rigs, and it is perfect for streamer fishing with heavy sink tips or covering big waters in adverse conditions.

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If you bring the will, the IGNITER will supply the way.
Strong head wind? Fish at distance? Bulky flies? Heavy sink-tips? The most demanding conditions require a different kind of rod. The Sage IGNITER is tuned to handle the most technical of conditions. Not a rod for the everyday angler, the IGNITER is equipped with a high line speed taper to carry large amounts of line at distance with wind cutting performance. Perfect for streamer fishing with heavy sink tips or covering big water when conditions become difficult.

  • KonneticHD Technology
  • Chipotle blank colour
  • Cayenne thread wraps with gunmetal trim wraps
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides, hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Laser etched line weight on slide band
  • Black rod bag with titanium logo and chipotle colour model tag
  • Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

Freshwater #4-6 Weights 

  • Cocobolo wood insert with gunmetal anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
  • Flor grade, snub nosed, half-wells cork handle

Saltwater #6-10 Weights

  • Gunmetal anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
  • Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat
  • Flor grade full-wells cork handle with EVA fighting butt

9ft 0in #4 4pce - Best used for trout, when precision and presentation is required. Power to generate line speed for larger dry fly patterns, with the benefit of a soft landing 4wt line.

9ft 0in #5 4pce - Sage's most versatile trout-sized rod with extra power; enabling high line speed for distant targets and a wider variety of lines and flies.

9ft 0in #6 4pce - One of the most universal line weights; with the power to drive large dry flies into the wind, turn over large streamers, and lift sinking lines.

9ft 0in #7 4pce - Has enough power to carry large, weighted flies into the wind, yet enough delicacy to present to spooky flats species like bonefish and redfish. Excellent choice for smallmouth Bass and larger wind resistant flies.

9ft 0in #8 4pce - A popular saltwater line weight capable of tackling most inshore species.  Ideal for presenting long shots to bonefish in technical conditions. Power for lifting and positioning sinking lines in salt-and-freshwater environments.

9ft 0in #9 4pce - he choice for anglers when presentation and extra precision are required in sight fishing. Perfect for making the long shot to the tailing Permit or feeding the Snook in the impossible lie deep under the mangroves. Great tool for freshwater species like Pike, Musky, and Salmon or when heavier sinking lines are required.

9ft 0in #10 4pce - An all-around, big game rod for challenging conditions.  The perfect rod for targeting Permit in windy conditions or making stealthy presentations to laid up Tarpon.  The 10wt embodies the power to generate high line speeds for delivering large weighted crab patterns or the bulkiest of flies.

9ft 0in #6 EXT 4pce - A fighting butt version which is at home on a flat fishing light saltwater patterns for small bonefish or in a drift boat throwing streamers to the bank. The fighting butt gives you added control to leverage the fight in your favour or added support while casting.

9ft 6in #6 4pce - Ready for anything from trout to anadromous species to lake fishing. The extra length is advantageous for steeple casting over obstructions from the beach or aerializing line while seated from a watercraft.

10ft 0in #7 4pce - Offers the most power, distance, and line control of any 7-weight in the family. Incredible mending capability in rivers and distance in lakes or bigger rivers.

Size/Variant No. Pieces Line Rating Weight g/oz/lbs Action Handle Type Length Price
9ft 0in #4 4pce 4 #4 79g/2.8oz Fast Tip Half Wells 9ft 0in 839.00
9ft 0in #5 4pce 4 #5 82g/2.9oz Fast Tip Half Wells 9ft 0in 839.00
9ft 0in #6 4pce 4 #6 85g/3.0oz Fast Tip Half Wells 9ft 0in 839.00
9ft 0in #7 4pce 4 #7 96g/3.4oz Fast Tip Full Wells + EH 9ft 0in 839.00
9ft 0in #8 4pce 4 #8 108g/3.8oz Fast Tip Full Wells + FB 9ft 0in 839.00
9ft 0in #9 4pce 4 #9 113g/4.0oz Fast Tip Full Wells + FB 9ft 0in 839.00
9ft 0in #10 4pce 4 #10 116g/4.1oz Fast Tip Full Wells + FB 9ft 0in 839.00
9ft 0in #6 EXT 4pce 4 #6 88g/3.1oz Fast Tip Full Wells + EH 9ft 0in 839.00
9ft 6in #6 4pce 4 #6 102g/3.6oz Fast Tip Full Wells + EH 9ft 6in 839.00
10ft 0in #7 4pce 4 #7 111g/3.9oz Fast Tip Full Wells + EH 10ft 0in 839.00