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RIO Elite Gamechanger Body Shooting Head Fly Line

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Scandi or Skagit – you choose.

By selecting which tips you add to your GameChanger body you can vary your line from anything between an intermediate Scandi head right through to a deep fast-sinking Skagit head. This is the ultimate shooting head, giving you total control over all depths, fly sizes and fishing conditions.

Available in five different sink rates, each with a seamless blend of three different densities: Float/Hover/Intermediate, Float/Intermediate/Sink3, Float/Sink3/Sink5, Intermediate/Sink2/Sink3 and Sink3/Sink5/Sink7

RIO's Elite GameChanger Body is the perfect delivery system for long tapered sink tips, getting flies down in the water column, and lines below variable surface currents. The spey body features RIO's Multi Density Control - a seamless blend of three different densities that ensures the smoothest transition of energy when casting, and the very best depth control when fishing. Say goodbye to hinging, weak casts, and poor turnover with these sinking spey bodies. Each is built with SlickCast Technology and ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Plus for maximum in sensitivity and performance.

With the GameChanger Body, the wide variety of density options gives anglers total control over the depth of fishing, ensuring a straighter line down to the fly, reducing sag typical in single-density lines.

  • Built on RIO’s low stretch ConnectCore with the durable SlickCast coating.
  • The GameChanger body works best when combined with RIO VersiTips and/or RIO MOW tips 
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore
  • Front and back welded loop

Customer Reviews

Size/Variant Model Length Price
500 grains/32g Float/Hover/Int 23ft 64.99
500 grains/32g Float/Int/Sink3 23ft 64.99
500 grains/32g Float/Sink3/Sink5 23ft 64.99
500 grains/32g Int/Sink2/Sink3 23ft 64.99
500 grains/32g Sink3/Sink5/Sink7 23ft 64.99
550 grains/36g Float/Hover/Int 23ft 64.99
550 grains/36g Float/Int/Sink3 23ft 64.99
550 grains/36g Float/Sink3/Sink5 23ft 64.99
550 grains/36g Int/Sink2/Sink3 23ft 64.99
550 grains/36g Sink3/Sink5/Sink7 23ft 64.99
600 grains/39g Float/Hover/Int 24ft 64.99
600 grains/39g Float/Int/Sink3 24ft 64.99
600 grains/39g Float/Sink3/Sink5 24ft 64.99
600 grains/39g Int/Sink2/Sink3 24ft 64.99
600 grains/39g Sink3/Sink5/Sink7 24ft 64.99
650 grains/42g Float/Hover/Int 25ft 64.99
650 grains/42g Float/Int/Sink3 25ft 64.99
650 grains/42g Float/Sink3/Sink5 25ft 64.99
650 grains/42g Int/Sink2/Sink3 25ft 64.99
650 grains/42g Sink3/Sink5/Sink7 25ft 64.99
725 grains/47g Float/Hover/Int 25ft 64.99
725 grains/47g Float/Int/Sink3 25ft 64.99
725 grains/47g Float/Sink3/Sink5 25ft 64.99
725 grains/47g Int/Sink2/Sink3 25ft 64.99
725 grains/47g Sink3/Sink5/Sink7 25ft 64.99
400 grains/26g Sink3/Sink5/Sink7 23ft 64.99
450 grains/29g Sink3/Sink5/Sink7 23ft 64.99
400 grains/26g Float/Sink3/Sink5 23ft 64.99
450 grains/29g Float/Sink3/Sink5 23ft 64.99
400 grains/26g Float/Hover/Int 23ft 64.99
450 grains/29g Float/Hover/Int 23ft 64.99
400 grains/26g Float/Int/Sink3 23ft 64.99
450 grains/29g Float/Int/Sink3 23ft 64.99
400 grains/26g Int/Sink2/Sink3 23ft 64.99
450 grains/29g Int/Sink2/Sink3 23ft 64.99
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