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Care of your Dubarry Boots

Top Tip  Yard or Stable Manure & Liquid waste are very corrosive. To prolong performance of your Dubarry boots ALWAYS scrub them with a soft brush and rinse thoroughly with fresh water after exposure.

Cleaning and Care Step 1

Cleaning your Boots - Clean the boots thoroughly ensuring that any substances that could be harmful to the footwear components are fully removed in order to prevent ongoing damage/deterioration and to prime the leather for further treatment.
Brush loose dirt from footwear and rinse lightly with fresh water
Apply Dubarry gel cleaner using a sponge or cloth
Rub over footwear in gentle circular motion
Rinse thoroughly (avoid over-soaking the leather)
Leave to dry naturally before applying creams, conditioners or protectors. Note that force-drying your boots can damage the leather fibres and lead to cracking
Always keep care products out of reach of children

Cleaning and Care Step 2

Treating and Preserving the Smooth Leather - Ensure thats the leather is clean and dry following step 1 above before treating the smooth leather. Special attention should be giveb to the foot of the boot as this has higher exposure to stress and potential corrosion. Treat smooth leathers with either Dubarry Leather Conditioner, or for Excessive/Heavily used boots or boots used around animal waste or other corrosive substances* we strongly recommend Dubarry Leather Cream (Blue Tube)

For Dubarry Leather Conditioner (lighter used boots)

Apply using a soft cloth
Rub sparingly into the surface
Apply as many thin coats as necessary for desired finish
Always keep care products out of reach of children

For Dubarry Leather Cream (heavily used or boots exposed to corrosive substances*)

Apply sparingly to smooth leather surfaces with a soft cloth
DO NOT apply to the nubuck or suede sections of the boots (you should use protector spray here - see step 3)
Excess cream can be wiped clean or allowed to soak into leather
Always keep care products out of reach of children

*Note: Dubarry do not recommend that Dubarry boots are used in areas where they may come into contact with corrosive substances. Use under these conditions will reduce the working life of your boots and may not be covered by manufacturer's warantee,

Cleaning and Care Step 3

Protecting the Nubuck or Suede Leathers - Ensure that the leather is clean and dry following step 1 above before treating the Nubuck or Suede leathers. Treat the Nubuck or Suede Leathers with Dubarry Footwear Spray which will help to restore original appearance, increase water repellancy and offer increased stain resistance.
Spray protector over the nubuck or suede
Allow 5 minutes between applications
Wipe away excess from soles and welts
For best results allow to dry overnight

Storage - Step 4

When storing your boots... you should follow these guidelines
Boots should be cleaned, dried and treated before storing for a prolonged period
Boots will keep better shape over time when boot trees are inserted
Storage environment should be cool, dry and consistent
Avoid storage in direct sunlight, or other extreme conditions