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Design, create and pimp fantastic flies using a wide range of Gulff UV resin products. Quick to cure these coloured resins are high-quality and guaranteed to be tack-free.
Available in 15ml & 50ml (Clear Only)

Gulff is one of the only manufacturers offering effective 365nm UV flashlights tailored for fly-tying. Clear and coloured Gulff resin products can be used for realistic flies, strike points, predator streamers, worms, dark details, fly body building and clear finishing – in fact almost anything.

Clear Options :  

  • Clear Classic (medium viscosity) is the best option for small fly body building and general nymph bonding. Recommend for larvae, pupas, nymphs, scuds and small detail bonding. *15ml or 50ml
  • Clear Fatman (thick viscosity) is the best option for large fly bodies. It is also thick enough for shaping. Recommended for streamers, fly heads and large shrimps. *15ml or 50ml

Ambulance & Florescent Colours : The only 100% covering resin on the market that combines a maximum fluorescent effect with a light capacitive feature for night fishing.  The resin makes the fly easily noticeable and extremely irritating. Fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark resin for impact points is easy to use and is ideal both for making new flies and for tuning old flies. 

  • Ambulance Coloured Options : Orange, Red, Chartreuse & Pink. *15ml
  • Florescent Coloured Options :  Red, Chartreuse, & Orange. *15ml

Natural Colours: Ideally suited for realistic flies and the shrimp colour is best suited for life like shrimp patterns. The natural nymph green, natural nymph brown and shrimp colours are clear resin with a colour hue added to them.  This gives the resin a translucent effect for a more life like look.

  • Natural Coloured Options : Black Magic, Shrimp, Nymph Brown & Nymph Green *15ml
Size/Variant Colour Price
15ml Black Magic 16.99
15ml Clear 16.99
15ml Fatman Clear 16.99
15ml Natural Nymph Brown 16.99
15ml Shrimp 16.99
50ml Clear 37.99
50ml Fatman Clear 37.99
15ml Orange 16.99
15ml Red 16.99
15ml Chartreuse 16.99
15ml Pink 16.99
15ml Fluorescent Red 16.99
15ml Fluorescent Orange 16.99
15ml Fluorescent Chartreuse 16.99

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