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Andy Buckley Reviews the Wychwood Vuefinder Fly Patch

Andy Tests the Wychwood Fly Patch
Posted in: Product Reviews
Not being a fishing gadget person, I’m always a little sceptical when a new piece of tech appears claiming to change the way we fish. What I do appreciate is practical kit that performs an essential role well without any frills or fuss. In the Wychwood Vuefinder Fly Patch I have found a little widget that fills this role just perfectly.

Calling this flash of genius a “fly patch” pays a massive disservice to the functionality of the Vuefinder. Not only is there high grade slotted foam with enough space for 38 flies, there are also cunningly placed fly catching magnets, and then on the reverse you will find a fly drying patch and a hook sharpener. By clipping the Vuefinder to yourself you no longer have to carry three separate essentials around the bank all day!

I have found the Vuefinder particularly useful when fishing venues on which I feel I can predict the hatch, or on evening sessions when there isn’t the necessity to carry every fly I own. It really came in to it’s own during the Mayfly season when a few dozen patterns is as much as one needs for a days fishing.

On the flip side of the Vuefinder the fly drier easily wicked away any obvious moisture from a dry fly, readying it for the application of floatant. The hook sharpener did exactly that very effectively on the heavy nymph hooks that I trashed fishing the deep gutters on the upper Usk, turning bent and blunt points in to razor sharp edges in seconds.

At £14.99 (when article posted) the Vuefinder Fly Patch is no more expensive than most other patches on the market but fills the role of another two gadgets too. The popularity of the Vuefinder patch only serves to prove just how effective this clever little multi-tool really is. Hats off to the design team at Wychwood for developing yet another intelligently designed and practical piece of fly fishing equipment.

It’s even won me over…

2013-06-28 13:06:57
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