Omnispool Line Care Box

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Using the Line Care Box will make line cleaning and treatment easier and more efficient. Use while out fishing, it's done in minutes.

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When fishing your fly lines get sticky and salty which will affect your casting and shooting efficiency. You get your fly lines out after you have come back from your fishing trip and find you have uncleaned fly lines. Use the Omnispool Line Care Box and your fly line is scrubbed clean in the first half of the box and then coated with the line treatment fluid of your choice in the second as it passes back in to the Switchbox.

The locking clip will keep the box closed whilst allowing some play for the different sections of the taper, and depending on the variance of each line’s taper, manual pressure on the Line Care Box can be varied to ensure that the whole line is efficiently cleaned and treated.

Using the Omnispool Line Care Box will help the fly line perform better for you and if treated regularly the lines will last so much longer.

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