Hebert Miner Half Saddle

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Extraordinary quality dry fly hackle.  A premium product for the most discriminating fly tier and fly fisher.

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The Tradionalists choice!  The Hebert Miner™ line of fly tying feathers are best known for gorgeous natural colours such as creams, duns, & browns with brassy overtones and natural sheen.  Each cape is carefully evaluated by the best professionals in the business - the Whiting Farms Grading Staff. They grade each pelt for the following items -

  • Fine, supple quills...for neat, effortless wrapping.
  • Freedom from web....for more strength and less absorbency
  • Uniform barb length....for optimal appearance and higher floating flies.
  • High barb count....for more hackle per turn.
  • High barb strength....for maximum support on the water's surface.
  • A longer "sweet spot"....the area where prime hackle residues on a feather.
  • Full, generous pelts....for excellent value and economy.

Hebert Miner™ Hackle, exclusively from Whiting Farms, is a dry fly hackle of extraordinary quality; a premium product for the most discriminating fly tier and fly fisher.

  • Bronze Grade Only - Excellent quality and adequate for almost all tying.
  • Colours Available - Black, Coachman Brown, Medium Ginger, Grizzly, Cream & Medium Grey Dun
Colour Price
Grizzly 55.99
Cream 55.99
Ginger 55.99
Brown 55.99
Medium Grey Dun 55.99
Black 55.99
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