Clothing Size Guide - Get the Right Size!

When choosing a garment, sizing will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. To help us provide you with the accurate size we would encourage you to measure yourself before placing your order. We provide sizing on all garments where available plus we have the individual guides on the left hand side for certain brands.

If unsure which size to order please contact Brian Newman, the Clothing Manager on 0207 4841000  with your sizing and he will be happy to help you.

Measuring Tips

To ensure you measure yourself correctly, it is best to stand barefoot in your underwear. You may like to take your measurements a few times or get someone else to measure you to be on the safe side!

Collar - Measure around the base of your neck where your collar would normally sit, being careful not to pull the tape too tight.
Chest - Measure around your chest at its broadest and fullest part, avoiding placing the tape too high under your arms.
Waist - Measure around your natural waistline, at the point your waistband or belt usually sits.
Inside leg - Measure from the top of your inside leg at the crotch to where your trousers normally end.
Jacket length - Measure from the centre of your back to the hemline.
Jacket sleeve length - Measure from the top of your shoulder to the end of your wrist bone