Snowbee Classic Combo Trout Fishing Kits

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The new Snowbee Classic Fly Fishing Kits are available in eight popular rod sizes, each one in high modulus, lightweight graphite, with high-lift snake guides for effortless casting, plus an A-Grade cork handle.

A new lightweight aluminium reel seat and a quality cloth rod bag is also included. Each kit comes complete with a matching Snowbee Classic fly reel, and a weight forward profile, Classic floating fly line, providing the ideal components for a perfectly balanced outfit. Backing and fl y line are already pre-loaded and the tapered leader attached, so all you have to do is choose a fly, tie it on... and go fishing!

Kits include :

  • A 4-piece Snowbee Classic Fly Rod – A high modulus, lightweight graphite fly rod, with an easy action for effortless casting.
  • High-lift snake guides, A-grade cork handle, lightweight graphite reel seat and a quality cloth rod bag.
  • Lightweight graphite fly reel with off-set drag, pre-loaded with backing, fly line and leader.
  • Snowbee Classic Floating fly line in weight-forward profile.
  • 7ft 0in # 4 4pce : The perfect outfit for small brooks and streams where a delicate, stealthy approach is essential.
  • 7ft 0in #6 4pce (Junior) : One of the smallest kits in the range aimed squarely at juniors starting out in fly fishing. The shorter length and lighter weight will not overload small wrists, while the heavier line weight allows quick loading of the rod at short distance. This helps teach youngsters what a loading rod feels like. 
  • 8ft 6in # 5 4pce : Ideal for rivers or small stillwaters and makes a great starter kit for juniors taking up the sport.
  • 9ft 0in #5 4pce :  The next step up from the smaller models, this combines for an ideal river or lightweight, small stillwater kit. 
  • 9ft 0in #6 4pce : A good all-round kit equally at home on the river, small stillwater or lake.
  • 9ft 0in #8 4pce (Salt) : This size is designed exclusively with the more powerful saltwater and predatory fish in mind. The steeper taper on the rod blank, coupled with a thicker blank wall, allows these rods to cope with the best of the powerful fish likely to be encountered! Equally suitable for predatory fish, like pike, or as a single handed salmon or sea-trout rod. 
  • 9ft 6in #7 4pce : An ideal larger stillwater, lake or reservoir kit. The longer and heavier weight provides lots of power for that extra distance often required on larger waters. 
  • 10ft 0in #7 4ce : The perfect rod for larger still waters, or single-handed salmon and sea-trout applications. The crisp middle to tip action provides effortless distance casting and plenty of reserves of power to play larger fish. Ideal for bank and boat fishing. 
Size/Variant No. Pieces Line Rating Weight g/oz/lbs Length Price
7ft 0in #4 4pce 4 #4 2.9oz/82g 7ft 0in 124.99
7ft 0in #6 4pce 4 #6 3.2oz/91g 7ft 0in 128.99
8ft 6in #5 4pce 4 #5 3.6oz/102g 8ft 6in 138.99
9ft 0in #5 4pce 4 #5 3.7oz/105g 9ft 0in 138.99
9ft 0in #6 4pce 4 #6 3.8oz/108g 9ft 0in 138.99
9ft 0in #8 4pce 4 #8 3.9oz/111g 9ft 0in 158.99
9ft 6in #7 4pce 4 #7 4.4oz/125g 9ft 6in 154.99
10ft 0in #7 4pce 4 #7 4.6oz/130g 10ft 0in 158.99

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