The start of a new shooting season dawns on the Glorious 12th.  Guns are unlocked which may not have seen daylight since the end of last season.  Tweeds and technical clothing for the first day of the season are dug out, and boots checked for leaks!  Excitement at the prospects of a good first day is in the air.

UK Games Seasons for England, Wales & Scotland

Red Grouse Aug 12 - Dec 10
Ptarmigan Aug 12 - Dec 10
Common Snipe Aug 12 - Jan 31
Grey Partridge Sep 1 - Feb 1
Red-legged Partridge Sep 1 - Feb 1
Woodcock Scotland Sep 1 - Jan 31
Golden Plover Sep 1 - Jan 31
Duck & Goose Above the High water mark Sep 1 - Jan 31
Duck & Goose Below the High water mark Sep 1 - Feb 20
Pheasant Oct 1 - Feb 1
Woodcock England, Wales, NI and Isle of Man Oct 1 - Jan 31

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