RIO Fluoroflex Plus Fluorocarbon Tippet

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Sinks quicker and gets below the surface tension for more effective dry fly, nymph and wet fly fishing.
Size Available : 30yds or 110yds Spools

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Rio Flouroflex Plus is the strongest, thinnest flourocarbon on the market with an incredible strength; for example, 5lb for 5x material.

It is a slightly softer material than Fluoroflex and ties excellent knots. Specifications are printed on the elastic restraint for easy identification.

The refractive index (1.42) of Flouroflex in water (1.33) compared to nylon (1.62) makes it almost invisible to fish. Flouroflex Plus, with a density of 1.72 (compared to nylon of 1.15), sinks quicker and gets below the surface tension for more effective dry fly, nymph and wet fly fishing.
Length Breaking Strain Weight g/oz/lbs Diameter mm / in Price
100.6m/110yds 8.5lb 3X 3900g/8.5lb 0.2mm/0.008in 32.99
100.6m/110yds 7lb 4X 3300g/7lb 0.18mm/0.007in 32.99
100.6m/110yds 5lb 5X 2400g/5lb 0.15mm/0.006in 32.99
100.6m/110yds 12lb 2X 6000g/12lb 0.23mm/0.009in 32.99
27.4m/30yds 5lb 5X 2400g/5lb 0.15mm/0.006in 12.99
27.4m/30yds 7lb 4X 3300g/7lb 0.18mm/0.007in 12.99
27.4m/30yds 8.5lb 3X 3900g/8.5lb 0.2mm/0.008in 12.99
27.4m/30yds 12lb 2X 6000g/12.5lb 0.23mm/0.009in 12.99
27.4m/30yds 3.6lb 6X 454g/3.6lb 0.127mm/0.005in 12.99
27.4m/30yds 13lb 1X 5896g/13lb 0.254mm/0.010in 12.99
27.4m/30yds 20lb 01X 9072g/20lb 0.381mm/0.015in 12.99
27.4m/30yds 25lb 02X 11339g/25lb 0.432mm/0.017in 12.99
27.4m/30yds 30lb 03X 13607g/30lb 0.483mm/0.019in 12.99
100.6m/110yds 3.6lb 6X 1633g/3.6b 0.127mm/0.005in 32.99
68.58m/75yds 13lb 1X 5897g/13b 0.254mm/0.010in 32.99
68.58m/75yds 15lb 0X 6804g/15lb 0.279mm/0.010in 32.99
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