Essential Fly Patterns for Winter Reservoirs and Large Stillwaters

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Essential Fly Patterns for Winter Reservoirs and Large Stillwaters

We select the key patterns to choose if you are fishing reservoirs or larger stillwaters in winter.

KJ Fenton Cat Booby #10

KJ Fenton Cat Booby #10It may look hideous, a kind of Blob Frankenstein, but this highly buoyant pattern has become our go-to booby when fishing reservoirs during the colder months.

Fish from a boat with a fast sinking line, get it down deep, strip for several feet and then hang. Try fishing two at a time!

Minkie Suspender #8

Minkie Suspender #8Have this imitative fry pattern close to hand just in case the trout switch onto the abundant juvenile coarse fish present in so many reservoirs.

Try working the layers with various densities of sinking line around fish holding features such as boat pontoons or buoys. Big perch also love this fly!

Martini Black Cat Humungus #10

Martini Black Cat Humungus #10Winter brown trout fishing has never been better on venues such as the Midlands giant, Rutland.

There are many patterns available to target these wonderful fish, but make sure you spend some time with an intermediate line, pulling a Humungus back steadily to bring its mobile fibres and flash to life.

Mini Fab Cocktail #12

Mini Fab Cocktail #12Love them or hate them, there is no denying how deadly blobs are when targeting rainbow trout. This mini version is particularly effective when fished nearly static, either very slowly on a sinker, or allowed to dead drift on a sink tip.

It‘s a great fly to try when fishing long leaders washing line style, with flies such as the Pseudo Diawl as part of the team.

Pseudo Red Holo Diawl Bach #10

Pseudo Red Holo Diawl Bach #10The addition of organza in this most traditional of stillwater patterns really adds to the movement. Throw in some enticing red holographic tinsel and you can be confident when searching for the better-quality resident rainbows during the colder months.

Try very slow retrieves and fish two as part of a team with a blob on the point.

Hopper Popper Black #10

Hopper Popper Black #10Fuelled by cool, oxygen–rich water, reservoir rainbows will feed hard, even during a sporadic winter hatch.

An imitation such as a simple Hopper or Shipman‘s may work but try giving them a decent mouthful, twitching this louder version away.
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