Putting the Field in Farlows

Meeting in-store with Farlows’ Fishing Manager Jason Bowen to launch the arrival of his range of floats Andrew commented:

Float maker Andrew Field at Farlows

“I'm really excited to announce that my floats can now be bought in the capital. Many of my customers come from abroad and now if they come to London they can pop into Piccadilly, walk two minutes down to Pall Mall and sample the piscatorial paradise that is Farlows.

I have always loved the fishing history that the company represents and in the modern age the staff are getting more and more helpful and inspiring. Any question about anything, anywhere in the fishing world and there will be an answer to be found in this fantastic shop - and of course the tackle to solve any angling challenge. Now, of course, they have my floats too!

I've looked at retail partners in the past but nowhere else has ever come close to Farlows. That mix of tradition with cutting edge modern developments is magically unique I guess and Farlows mirror my own float building philosophy by giving anglers a flavour of the past with all of the technology of the future.

So, if you are in London, get to Farlows and feel my floats in the flesh. As time goes by you will see this relationship grow and I honestly believe that if you love your old world coarse fishing brought up to date you will find the gear you want at Farlows.

Field and Farlows, we are going places together!”

Andrew’s unique range of Farlows branded floats are in-store now, with a limited edition of ten of each pattern available.


Andrew Field Floats

Andrew began making floats many years ago after finding an old tackle box in his grandfather’s garden shed. The floats inside were clearly very old, handmade efforts but in a shocking condition with chipped paint, peeling varnish, loose thread and eyes that just popped off when he gave them a tug. At first he thought they would only be fit for the bin but he took them home and gave them a new lease of life.
Andrew never used the floats for fear of losing one on a snag or a fish but he loved their look and feel so made some more to suit his own style of fishing. Before long he was making floats for friends and then friends of friends…

As his fledgling business developed Andrew began to realise that many of today’s anglers were left cold by modern day fishing floats and were often making their own to suit their specific angling needs because they wanted a float that was a joy to use and which looked beautiful on the water. He started to build in his own unique style by inlaying trademark feathers on all of his creations and to buy old fly-tying kits for the vintage silk threads and the vital feathers for the designs. He would ask friends to keep their wine and champagne corks so he could use them for making float bodies. Andrew takes delight in turning down a champagne cork to make one of his perch bobs and is often asked to make a float from a cork that celebrated an anniversary or a wedding day!

Floats are very special to Andrew, he loves making them, fishing with them and being a part of their all-encompassing world, everyone here at Farlows agrees with that!


Ian Welch

A freshwater biologist by training I drifted into angling journalism and am now Farlows Group marketing manager. A hopelessly inadequate fly angler (the team are hoping to put that right.) I have fished all over the world and am now most at home fishing for River Test grayling, River Ebro catfish, Indian mahseer, or battling giant freshwater stingray on the Thai rivers. Away from my rod I do a bit of shooting and a lot of fruit and vegetable growing!