Guide to UK Summer Lure Fishing for Bass

UK Bass Lure Fishing Guide

Guide to UK Summer Lure Fishing for Bass

Lure fishing tackle for bass has been revolutionised in the last few years – everything is lighter and more enjoyable to use. Heavy 10’ spinning rods have been replaced with super light 7’ - 8’ rods, light enough to cast with one hand and with an action that makes even modest ‘schoolie’ bass fun to catch. Lure fishing certainly has a charm of its own and allows you to cover big areas quickly. An important factor when you are trying to locate bass on a shoreline.

An 8' rod that will cast up to 30g makes an ideal general purpose bass lure rod - there are great models in the Savage, Snowbee and Sonik ranges to choose from. Match with a small light fixed spool reel loaded with braid and you are ready to go.

Bass Lure Fishing From Beach Early morning bass fishing from the beach - amazing!

There are a host of lures to choose from and this is where the fun starts! Our range of lures include models that will float, float and dive when you retrieve, sink or crawl across the bottom. In fact it’s hard to think of a set of circumstances that there isn’t a specific lure designed for.

To simplify things a little lets break them down into the following:

Surface lures – these will splutter and gurgle their way across the surface looking like injured fish trying to escape from predators. Just the trigger needed to get a hungry bass to attack.

Diving Lures – these have a lip at the front that will make the lure dive. The angle they dive at will depend on the size and angle of the lip.

Softbaits - these come in a huge range of sizes and colours, some are already rigged with a jig head hook to weight them others require you to rig them on weighted or unweighted hooks. This will allow you to adapt the lure to meet your requirements.

Cracking Bass Ben S with a 10lb bass caught on a soft plastic

Where to find bass?

This is the million dollar question! Experienced anglers will look for structure, bass hunt rocky weedy shorelines for crabs, shrimps and small fish. They are ambush predators to some degree and will seek out places where strong tides give them a physical advantage over their prey. Provided it is quiet they will hunt in very shallow water so it pays to stand back and adopt a stealthy approach. Early morning and late evening are prime times for predators and keen anglers! Let's get lure fishing for bass!
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