Vintage Fishing Tackle Event with Andrews of Arcadia

On Tuesday 17th September in this the Year of Our Lord and other Small Mercies 2013, at the kind invitation of the Farlows Fishing Manager Mr. Max Sardi, Andrews of Arcadia will meet Farlows 'Uptown' when a stall selling 'Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul' shall appear in the London Showroom at No. 9 Pall Mall in the district of London known as S.W.1.

The stall will be put together by vintage fishing tackle dealer John Andrews a.k.a 'Andrews of Arcadia' of Spitalfields in the district of London known as E.1. Those of you familiar with his stall which appears in the Old Antiques Market at Spitalfields will know what to expect: A trestle table clad in an old velvet cloth on which are placed Edwardian glazed and mirrored cabinets containing rare items of old London fishing tackle including a plethora of reels, tackle boxes, floats that may one day still go under, lures with one eye, catalogues from shops that have been lost and a host of other oddities and curiosities.

Alongside that will be many items of tackle that were once sold in Farlows when the only traffic outside was horse drawn and the lamps were lit by gas. Everything will be for sale at a generous trade rate for cash ironed by your butler and John will also be serving tea trawler man style in large enamel pots and chipped coronation mugs.

Andrews of Arcadia Bag Visit Andrews of Arcadia in store on Tuesday 17th Sept!

The stall opens with the shop at 9am and closes slightly before at around a quarter past five. The day has been commemorated by a paper bag printed for the good of your soul in a collaboration between John and Martin Clark of Tilley Printing. These are currently available to take away from the Farlows London store and will also be available on the day when you will be invited and no doubt tempted to buy something to fulfil the bag's purpose.

Should you wish to learn more about 'Andrews of Arcadia' and his adventures you may do so by going to his website All other enquiries about the day should be directed to either Mr. Max Sardi in the shop 0207 4841000 or to John on Field Telephone Number 07980 274 383.

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Allan Shephard

Allan was formerly Marketing Manager for the Farlows Group and is a lifelong well travelled fisherman with a special interest in fly fishing for salmon and saltwater species both at home and abroad. He also has a fair bit of sea and coarse fishing - so a bit of an allrounder really. He has pioneered fly fishing for sharks in the UK and have held the record for the largest fish landed in UK waters on fly tackle. Other interests include shooting and keeping rare corals alive in a marine fish tank.