Destinations - Icelandic Salmon

Maximising your chances of success when fly fishing for salmon, sea trout or brown trout in Iceland is about getting good advice from those with years of first-hand experience, a trip tailored to your skills & preferences and a little luck.

Find out more about Icelandic destinations below!

Svalbardsa, North East Iceland

Rarely available, very reliable, multi sea winter salmon.
This is truly one of the most sought after rivers in Iceland and due to a slight change in schedule we can offer one of the very best slots available for the first time in years. A spectacular 3 rod river with superb variety of water and a larger than average size of salmon. The river is best taken privately with private guides as the river holds several secrets that can only be discovered with a little local knowledge. Whilst there is enough fishing for 3 rods below the Canyon, who could resist a trip to the top water fall and the beguiling canyon pools below?

Midfjardara, North West Iceland

Prolific & varied river, grilse to large salmon
The Midfjardara river in the north west of Iceland is a stunning example of what catch and release can do to a river both in terms of catch returns and size of fish. This river system is made up of 3 tributaries coming together to make the main river. Each one has a character all of its own and all offer clear visual pools, strong numbers of fish and the chance to sight-fish and perfect the art of hitching. A full service lodge and great management make this a must fish river.

Nordura 1 & 11, South West Iceland

Prolific & varied river, grilse to large salmon
Known to all Icelandic salmon fishers as THE early season river, Nordura has incredibly strong salmon runs on each tide from about the 20th June for several weeks. June salmon can be in the 8-12lb range and the grilse that follow in the 5-7lb range. Nordura is long and varied with the bulk of the river fished by 12 rods in the section known as Nordura I, of particular beauty is the stunning canyon section below the full service Nordura Lodge. The exciting and great value upper reaches are fished by 3 rods in a small lodge and known as Nordura II.

Hafralonsa, North East Iceland

Great value, spectacular & remote river, large salmon
Hafralonsa is a river that has to be seen to be believed. A remote north eastern sanctuary, its dramatic scenery is unsurpassed. With many multi sea winter fish caught each year and over 40kms of fishing there are every type of pool imaginable. The cozy lodge allows a party of 4-6 rods to take the river privately and with the inclusion of the Kverka tributary there are certainly more pools to learn than can be achieved in one trip to this stunning river. A great fun river that is well priced.

Laxa in Asum, North West Iceland

Private river & lodge for 2 rods, prolific salmon & trout
Laxa in Asum has always been renowned for its prolific run of salmon and totals privacy which has resulted in often famous regular clients. The new leaseholders have built an impeccable new lodge and the food and service are second to none. Asum salmon are also famous for their supremely aggressive takes of the fly and the tenacity with which they fight.

Laxa in Kjos, South West Iceland

Beautiful valley, easy access, salmon & sea trout
Laxa in Kjos offers one of the finest full service lodges in Iceland with a fantastic view across beat 1 to the Bugda valley from the open plan living area. Kjos is the perfect short stay river, close to Reykjavik, and is ideal for families and individuals alike, expert fishers and those looking to land their first Icelandic salmon. Despite 2012 being a poor year all across Iceland, Kjos maintained relatively good salmon and sea trout catches and the highly skilled guide team will aid you to the best possible chance of success whatever the conditions.

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