Fish Norway Event at Farlows

The Fish Norway event at Farlows on the 1st November was a huge success. We hope that everyone that attented enjoyed the information and the tastings.

For more information on fishing the rivers of Norway and the lodgings available please get in touch with Max Sardi at Farlows who is in the planning of a hosted tour to Malselv and Reisa. Alternitively contact Matthew McHugh at Fly Odyssey, [email protected]

The waters of the mighty Malselva tumble to the falls.


I’m pleased to inform you that Harrison Gourlay has been picked out as the prize winner at the above event.  You were registered as the 46th person using the booking system prior to the Farlows’ event.

The prize is 2013 season fishing on the Malselv and Reisa rivers, Arctic Norway and staying at Rundhaug Hotel and Reisastua Lodge respectively - WELL DONE!