An introduction to 40+ years of Frontiers Sporting Travel

As avid sporting travellers, Michael and Susie Fitzgerald found a lack of sophisticated, professional services in the remote regions of the world that offered the best fishing, shooting and even elegant or bespoke non-sporting travel. Faced with this dilemma, the Fitzgeralds’ took the only logical step; they followed their passion and Frontiers International was formed in 1969. In so doing, they have made a significant contribution to the standards and options enjoyed by today’s sporting traveller.

Frontiers' founding principle remains our guiding light today. We strive to ensure that the experience of every trip meets and exceeds our client's expectations through constant research and a first-hand knowledge of the opportunities the world provides. We have loyal, trusted operators all over the world who understand the requirements of today’s traveller.

With over 70 employees in the United States and Europe, we are dedicated to providing truly personal travel advice balanced with a modern, convenient service. Our Frontiers staff members are seasoned professionals who regularly visit the destinations they work with and are always researching new opportunities. From our many years of experience has evolved great knowledge and through that knowledge, further experience. In travel, there is no replacement for either and all at no extra cost to you.

There is so much fishing out there to enjoy across the world but first consider the Northern Hemisphere, closer to home for the most part in fishing terms and almost always during our summer months. The Northern Hemisphere is an amazing and wonderfully diverse fishery.

Rods can experience a host of fishing from the remote and prolific waters of the Ponoi on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, vast experience in Iceland to the more accessible streams and rivers of the American West; catch a selection of species from the colossal chinook salmon of Alaska to the acrobatic sea trout of Iceland, while staying in an array of accommodation from tented camps to luxury lodges. There is even the possibility of accessing your fishing via a luxury train in the Canadian Rockies.

With so much on offer, and with a growing need to find somewhere that will suit the fisherman and non-fishing companion, it is hard to know where to start in picking your final destination. With all the information that is now circulating the Internet, together with an ever-increasing number of lodges and operators touting for your business, researching a fishing holiday can be a long, confusing and frustrating process. This is probably more so for those who are seeking to travel in the Northern Hemisphere, where there are a seemingly endless number of options, that is the beauty of Frontiers advisory service at no extra cost to you.

The Southern Hemisphere boasts some of the largest unspoilt wildernesses in the world. By definition these areas are relatively uninhabited and, as luck would have it, there exist rivers and streams with healthy fish populations well worth making the journey to go in pursuit of. With reverse seasons to our own, the prime time to fish these countries is during the European winter. In Argentina, there are the two finest sea-run, or sea trout rivers in the world and Argentine and Chilean Patagonia are both equally blessed with an abundance of wild trout streams and pristine lakes teeming with fish. The Ibera marsh in the north of Argentina, two and a half times larger than the Florida Everglades, is home to the stunning golden dorado. Isolated regions of Brazil now offer trophy peacock bass fishing in crystal clear water with white sand beaches against a backdrop of exotic Amazonian wildlife and vegetation. New Zealand is one of the world’s finest trout nations and there are a myriad of fishing possibilities amongst scenery that will take your breath away.

Saltwater fishing has a certain sensory appeal that sets it apart from freshwater fishing. Visually stunning, it owns the richest blues and greens imaginable. Audibly, nothing can compare to the powerful sound of the surf crashing along a beach front and what can be more peaceful and relaxing than the whispers of palm trees swishing in a sea breeze that carries the unique aromas of orchids and bougainvillea.

Then there are the flavours unique to each island and country that you might visit. Ingredients that have been blended into the foods and define the culture; curry, pepper, coconut milk, rum, mango, limes and, of course, the tropical cocktails and ice cold local beers always taste better when you are sitting on a remote beach somewhere near the equator watching a setting sun. These are just some of the amenities in the world of the saltwater fisherman. Not a distraction from the fishing itself, but a complement to it.

From the flats of the Caribbean to the bluewater of the Pacific and Indian Ocean we have found what our guests require from the pristine waters of the Seychelles to the distant flats of Christmas Island with incredible locations such as Los Roques, Mexico, Beliz, the Bahmas and Costa Rica, Panama and Guatamala in between. Furthermore we stand poised to advise on that ever-increasing requirement, the magic location where fisher and non-fisher can enjoy time away in the sun together.

We hope the following whets your appetite suitably. Frontiers prides itself on its personal service, which includes flight recommendations, accommodation and additional suggestions and covers all aspects of your saltwater trip to ensure you will have a memorable time.

Frontiers UK is lead by the very experienced Tarquin Millington-Drake. Tarquin Millington-Drake was a Director of the safari company Ker & Downey in the UK from 1989-1993 during which he worked with Frontiers on numerous projects through client interest in fishing. He opened the Frontiers’ UK office in 1993 and has overseen its evolution into the sporting institution it is today. In 1999 Tarquin also took over the role of President of the Ponoi River Company overseeing all operations on the river. During 2001, while continuing in his role with Frontiers, he assisted Rory Fleming in the creation of Shackleton International and built up a portfolio of first-class fishing operations in the Bahamas, Alaska, Iceland, the Seychelles, New Zealand and Russia. These were sold by the end of 2007. Tarquin has travelled to countless Frontiers’ destinations and remains involved with the day-to-day operations and management of Frontiers International as Managing Director. He can be contacted on 0845 299 6212 Ext 1 or at [email protected]. You can read his blog at

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