Abu Garcia Toby Spoon

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These lures are set on Abu's own top quality trebles, and will last for years! Trolling or casting, they always catching fish!

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These Toby spoon's are a great all round lure and can pick up bass, mackerel & pollack. They are the ideal size to mimic small bait fish.

  • The original Swedish design classic lure produced in solid brass.
  • The lures are non-symetrical to give a unique flutter to drive fish wild.
  • Life like fish shape and 3D eyes.
  • The silver blue and the white versions are holographic flash surfaces.
  • Colours Available : Copper, Silver, Zebra, White, Blue/Silver & red Spots or Green/Silver & Red Spots
  • Sizes Available : 7g (except white), 10g, 12g, 15g,18g, 20g, 28g & 40g (Silver & Copper Only)
Size/Variant Colour Weight g/oz/lbs Price
10g Silver 10g 4.19
18g Silver 18g 5.29
20g Silver 20g 5.29
28g Silver 28g 5.29
40g Silver 40g 6.29
10g Copper 10g 4.19
18g Copper 18g 5.29
20g Copper 20g 5.29
28g Copper 28g 5.29
40g Copper 40g 6.29
7g Zebra 7g 3.29
10g Zebra 10g 4.19
18g Zebra 18g 5.29
20g Zebra 20g 5.29
28g Zebra 28g 5.29
10g White 10g 4.19
18g White 18g 5.29
20g White 20g 5.29
7g Blue / Red 7g 3.29
10g Blue / Red 10g 4.19
18g Blue / Red 18g 5.29
20g Blue / Red 20g 5.29
28g Blue / Red 28g 5.29
10g Green / Red 10g 4.19
18g Green / Red 18g 5.29
20g Green / Red 20g 5.29
15g Zebra 15g 4.19
15g Copper 15g 4.19
15g Silver 15g 4.19
15g White 15g 4.19
15g Blue / Red 15g 4.19
15g Green / Red 15g 4.19
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